Home Phone




At Vexus, we keep our customers connected at home with a phone service that comes with the most popular calling features. Keeping in touch has never been this easy! Check out our affordable phone packages below.









Enhanced 911

Have peace of mind. With Vexus Enhanced 911 service, you can ensure that first responders are able to quickly and accurately identify your location in the event of an emergency.









Lifeline Assistance

Get discounted phone service. Lifeline Assistance is a government assistance program that provides a monthly credit to the local telephone service bill of residential customers.









International Calling

Keep in touch from afar. Vexus offers competitive international calling rates. View our rate table for more information.

OUr Cool Features


Anonymous Call Rejection

This feature automatically rejects incoming calls for which the caller’s number is withheld.

Auto Redial

This feature retries an outgoing call that was not connected successfully. If the call was incomplete because of a busy signal, the call will automatically be set up when both lines are free.

Three-Way Calling

This feature allows the customer to talk to two other people on the same call (both other people must have three-way calling).

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