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Get the best channels, crystal-clear programming and instant access to on demand content. Enjoy worlds of entertainment right at your fingertips with Vexus TV. There’s always something on to keep everyone in your family entertained.









Stream on all your devices

Watch what you want when you want. Everyone in your home can watch what they want to, when they want to! Get up to 5 simultaneous streams with Vexus TV.









Say goodbye to your cable box

Watch TV your way. Cutting-edge entertainment that fits the way you live today, powered by a 100% fiber Internet connection. Stream your favorite movies & shows in HD on five different screens at once anytime, anywhere.

OUr Cool Features

Cloud DVR

Record all of your favorite shows to watch when you want to. And with 500 GB of Cloud DVR Storage, there is enough room for your entire family!

Parental Controls

Create a PIN from inside the Vexus TV app to be able to enable parental controls. When on, the PIN must be entered each time mature content is played.


Each member of the household should create a profile so that Vexus TV can start giving you tailored recommendations and help you resume watching your favorite shows and movies.

Out of Home

You can watch your recordings and some of your channels even when you’re on the go. You can also set recordings from your phone when you forgot to do it the night before.

Voice Control

For most of the ways that you can watch Vexus on your TV, you’ll have voice search and navigation built right into your remote. Try it out a few times to get used to it!

Universal Search

Are you already subscribed to a streaming service like Amazon Prime? From voice search to featured content, you’ll start to see your content, regardless of what service it comes from, in one place.

Your favorite shows on the go

Watch TV everywhere. Watch your favorite movies and shows anytime, anywhere on your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or most other wireless devices.

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