Vexus Speed Test

You can use the Vexus Speed Test to measure your Internet connection at any time. To make sure that you are getting the fastest speeds possible, please read through the steps below before testing your speed as there are multiple factors that can determine the speed results you may receive.


Connect via Ethernet Cable

Wireless speeds are typically slower than wired connections due to many factors like the distance a signal has to travel and any potential slowdowns along the way including walls, windows, large furniture, etc. For the best speed test results, connect your device directly to your modem with an Ethernet cable and disconnect any switches or routers.


Close Other Applications

If there are any programs running in the background of your testing device that use the Internet, you will need to close them to eliminate network congestion. For example, programs such as Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify stream data from the Internet and use up available bandwidth which will affect the results of your speed test. 


Turn off WiFi

There may be many devices in your home that are connected to WiFi including TVs, printers, web cams, DVRs, gaming consoles, etc. Turn off the WiFi on your computer, turn off any VPNs, and unplug the router from your modem to make sure no other devices are using bandwidth.



Check Your Device

Before testing your speed, make sure that your device is healthy by scanning for any viruses or malware which may slow down other programs including the speed test.

Check You Device Limits

Some Internet speeds are faster than many devices can handle. Internet-connected devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones will all have different WiFi speed limits. You will need to check the owner’s manual of your device to find out if it’s capable of processing higher speeds.


Update Your Software

Make sure that you have the latest updates installed for your computer or device’s operating system and remove any unused plugins or extensions. Older versions of operating systems may produce a slower speed test result Also, make sure that you clear your cache, cookies and browsing history.


Use the Vexus Speed Test Tool

There are many different speed test tools available on the Internet and they will all likely deliver different results due to the type of test they run and the distance from the test point to their designated server. Vexus uses the Ookla speed test server which is one of the top industry recognized speed test platforms.