$2.5 Million Dollar Expansion Completed Over the Summer

Lubbock, TX – October 19, 2023 – Vexus Fiber, a leading provider of high-speed fiber optic internet and part of the nation’s largest independently owned 100 percent fiber optic network provider, is proud to announce a groundbreaking expansion and upgrade of its entire network, providing a blazing-fast 10 gigabits per second symmetrical speed connectivity to every community it serves across Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico. This transformative upgrade is set to revolutionize the digital landscape for businesses and residents alike.

The deployment of a 10-gig network with symmetrical speeds reaffirms Vexus Fiber’s commitment to empowering communities with unmatched internet speeds, unlocking endless possibilities for innovation, economic growth and an enhanced quality of life. A 10-gig fiber network is often used at data centers or for high-performance computing purposes. As businesses and residents’ need for bandwidth increases through multiple devices, streaming and data processing, having a network built for the future is imperative.

“We’re proud to bring this exceptional 10 gig network with symmetrical speeds to communities in Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico,” said Jim Gleason, CEO of Vexus Fiber. “This investment is a testament to our dedication to fostering innovation, economic growth, and an improved quality of life for the residents and businesses across every community we serve. It ensures we support their economic growth for decades by providing a network suitable for advancement.”

For businesses, this means unparalleled speed and reliability, facilitating seamless operations, high-speed data transfers, and real-time communication critical for productivity and competitiveness. The enhanced bandwidth also enables effortless collaboration and innovation, fostering creativity and the development of cutting-edge technologies. Leveraging Vexus Fiber’s 10 gig network provides businesses a significant edge in the market, processing and transmitting data faster, responding swiftly to market changes, and meeting customer demands efficiently.

Residents will enjoy an ultra-fast streaming and gaming experience, with smooth and uninterrupted streaming, high-definition video, and online gaming without lag or latency issues. The symmetrical speeds ensure seamless remote work and learning, allowing for productivity and learning efficiency without disruptions.

Residential symmetrical speeds are available up to 1 Gig and business speeds are customizable up to 10 Gig to suit their needs. Current customers may upgrade their speeds by calling or texting Vexus at 800-658-2150.

This future-ready and future-proof connectivity prepares communities for the digital age, setting a standard for connectivity and ensuring they are well-equipped to embrace emerging technologies and advancements. Vexus fully funded the $2.5 million network expansion through existing investors, Oak Hill Capital and KKR.

Vexus Fiber continues to invest in cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure to deliver unmatched internet experiences, solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the telecommunications industry. To learn more about Vexus service areas and where construction is being completed currently visit VexusFiber.com.


Vexus Fiber is a leading provider of high-speed fiber-optic internet and part of the nation’s largest independently owned 100 percent fiber optic company. They offer advanced telecommunications services for residents and business customers across Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana. As a technology leader, Vexus Fiber offers an extensive range of internet connectivity over a true fiber-to-the-premises networks. Services include HD Video, Voice, TeleCloud Business Services and more. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, Vexus Fiber is revolutionizing the way people connect and communicate. For more information, please visit VexusFiber.com.