Vexus maintains an open Internet for its customers to provide open and uninhibited access to legal online content without any blocking or impairment to content. The following document summarizes Vexus’ Network Management Practices, Performance Characteristics and Commercial Terms of the Internet access services it provides to both its residential and business customers.

Network Practices


Interfaces delivering Internet access to the Vexus subscribers are not subjugated to blocking practices that could prohibit access to lawful content. Vexus subscribers have access to the full suite of networking protocols supporting access to lawful content and applications.


The Vexus network is continuously availed ample capacity at the core, aggregation and access layers. The available capacity is capable of deploying the bandwidth resources consumed by all lawful cyber applications and services without resorting to any bandwidth throttling.  Vexus maintains the right to apply bandwidth rate limits to circuits connected to the customer premise in order to enforce the bandwidth rates allowed under the purchased services.

Affiliated Prioritization

Vexus does deploy prioritization mechanisms that would prioritize real time application traffic should the network become congested. However, because the Vexus congestion management policy maintains all network circuits at utilization levels well below congestions levels, these mechanisms lay dormant in the network and have never had to prioritize real time application traffic. The Vexus network congestion policy removes the need to prioritize any affiliated traffic.

Paid Prioritization

Vexus network treats all customer ingress and egress traffic as well as all cyber applications equally. No customer traffic benefits of higher prioritization based on the level of paid service.

Congestion Management Policy

Vexus network circuits are monitored on a regular basis through deployed network management systems. Circuits reaching 50% utilization are flagged as eligible for a capacity augment depending on the rate of utilization increase. Circuits reaching 75% automatically trigger capacity augment projects. Vexus ensures that the customer continues to receive a fair distribution to the network resources and avoids congestion.

Application Specific Behavior

The Vexus network does not engage in any Application-Specific Behavior. All cyber application are serviced and treated equally.

Device Attachment Rules

Vexus allows customers to attach any device to its network as long as it does not violate Vexus’ Internet Acceptable Use Policy or harm the Vexus network in any way. Not all devices may function properly on Vexus’ network or be technically compatible dependent upon the Internet service to which it is being attached.

Security Measures

Vexus monitors its network 24/7 to ensure the most secure online experience for its customers and compliance with Vexus’ Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Vexus’ policies and security procedures may change to adhere to any new and changing technologies.

Network and Internet Transparency Statements

Any complaints regarding possible violations to the Vexus Internet Acceptable Use policy should be sent to abuse@vexusfiber.com.

Performance Characteristics

Service Description

Vexus offers Internet access services to residential, small business, large business and enterprise customers over various technologies that are available within its serviceable areas. These technologies include fiber network technologies such as FTTP and FTTH, DSL technologies such as ADSL, SDSL and VDSL and TDM technologies. In addition to Internet access these technologies are deployed to support layer two VPN’s, cell tower backhaul and voice services. The availability of these technologies varies by geographical serving areas.

Vexus’ Internet access varies by location and by level of subscribed to services by the customer. While Vexus strives to provide all customers their maximum subscribed to Internet speed at all times, actual Internet speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Vexus Internet speed claims represent maximum speed capabilities and may vary based on many factors including website traffic, content provider server capacity, use of other Vexus services, and maximum bandwidth restrictions on customer owned equipment.

The actual throughput that Vexus Internet customers experience may vary. The average throughput at any time of the day ranges from 80% to 94%. The service speed is provisioned between the network device and the on premise router. This speed may vary due to many factors, including those outside of Vexus’ control including the customer’s location, websites accessed and the customer’s on premise equipment.

Current customers of Vexus Internet service can determine their current throughput of their subscribed Internet service via the Vexus Speed Test servers located at the following websites:

The above listed websites will provide accurate throughput and latency results for Internet service provisioned over the Vexus network. Alternative speed test websites and results may vary and may not be accurate due to including data from non-Vexus facilities.

Impact of Specialized Services

Vexus offers specialized services over the same facilities including layer two VPN (virtual private network) and video services. The impact of specialized services depends on the customer’s service configuration as well as the speed subscribed to. Details of this impact are disclosed to customers at the point of sale.

Commercial Terms


Information about Vexus Communication’s rates and services is available at  www.vexusfiber.com or by contacting the Vexus Sales Department at 800-658-2150.

Current pricing for Vexus’ Internet services by customer type can be found at:

  • Residential Internet Pricing
  • Small or Enterprise Business Internet Pricing is available on a quote basis by contacting Vexus Sales Department at 800-658-2150

Any applicable early termination fees are outlined and described in the customer service agreement. These fees may vary based on customer type and term of agreement. Customer should reference their service agreement and the terms described in their original order for details regarding specific pricing, terms and any early termination fees that may apply to them.

Vexus currently does not limit any Internet service with data caps or allowances and does not charge any incremental fee for excessive use.

Privacy Policies

At Vexus, we work to provide the best possible online experience to our customers. We use information that we gather from our customers to provide our services and fulfill legal obligations when required. Vexus does not give or sell information about you or your Vexus accounts to any other company, individual or group. Vexus will only use information about you and your Vexus accounts to help us better serve your communications needs or to suggest Vexus services and/or educational materials that may be of interest to you. We take our customers privacy very seriously and all consumer information that we gather is kept strictly private and confidential in accordance with state and federal laws.

Vexus will not release information about you or your Vexus accounts unless we receive your prior consent, we believe the recipient to be you or your authorized representative, or we are required by law or subpoena to release information to the recipient.

Redress Options

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Vexus’ High-Speed Interet Service or any part of this disclosure, please contact Vexus’ general counsel at:


Please include the following information in your correspondence:

  • Subject Line: High-Speed Internet Service Disclosure
  • Body of Email: Include your service address and a brief summary of your question and/or concern.

You may also contact Vexus by postal mail. Please address correspondence to:

  • Vexus
  • 4006 W LOOP 289
  • LUBBOCK, TX 79407

At Vexus, we take all questions and concerns very seriously. We will review all submissions and a Vexus representative will respond to you in a timely manner.

Updates To This Document

Vexus Communications reserves the right to update this disclosure as needed.


This document was last revised June 11, 2018.