Get Fast, Convenient Two-Way Access to Your Account

GOCare provides two-way access to Vexus customer account information through SMS messages. Information accessible through GOCare includes Balance, Payment Due Date, Payment Confirmation and Account Changes.

This service is simple to use and available on any wireless phone. If you can open a text message, you can use GOCare. GOCare is a free service from Vexus. However, a customer’s mobile service provider may charge the mobile user to send/receive text messages depending on the terms of their mobile account.

Sign up today by texting VEXUS to 800-658-2150 to get started.


You will need to provide your Last Name and Last 4 Digits of the Phone Number associated with the Account for authentication.

Vexus GOCare Shortcodes

Here is a list of shortcodes available through GOCare:

VEXUS: Text VEXUS to 800-658-2150 to initiate the Opt-In process through your mobile phone.  You will be asked for the Last Name and Last 4 Digits of Phone Number on the Account for Verification.

BAL: Text BAL to 800-658-2150 at any point during the month to receive a text message with your current balance due & the date it is due.

PAY: Text PAY to 800-658-2150 at any point during the month to receive a text message with your most recent payment posted to your account and when it was posted.

DUEDATE: Text DUEDATE to 800-658-2150 at any point during the month to receive a text message with the date your next payment is due (and the amount due).

APPT: Text APPT to  800-658-2150 to receive a text message with any scheduled appointments you might have.  You may then CONFIRM or CHANGE your appointment.

OUTAGE: Text OUTAGE to 800-658-2150 to inquire if a service outage exists in your area.  You will be asked about your outage and offered the ability to talk to a representative.

HELP: Text HELP to 800-658-2150 to receive a text with all available KEYWORDS to access your account information.

STOP: Text STOP to 800-658-2150 at any time during the month to stop receiving SMS account alerts to your mobile phone.

PAYMYBILL:  Text PAYMYBILL to 800-658-2150 to receive your balance, due date and a secure payment link allowing you to securely and conveniently pay your bill on your mobile device.

No phone calls, no website logins!

Terms & Conditions

GOCare is only available to subscribers of VEXUS services. Subscribers can receive account balance, payment, appointment and outage information.