LUBBOCK, TX – Vexus Fiber, a leading fiber service provider in Louisiana, Texas, and New
Mexico, is pleased to announce they will begin construction on their 100% fiber optic network in
Slidell, Louisiana. This network will provide the surrounding homes and businesses with symmetrical
multi-gigabit speed internet service, enabling them to stay connected like never before.

“We are excited to bring our fast and reliable 10 Gig fiber optic network to Slidell,” said Jim Gleason,
CEO of Vexus Fiber. “Our mission is to provide the best products and services to help improve the
lives of all our customers, and we believe access to super high-speed internet is essential in
achieving that goal. Building this network will allow Slidell to reach Gigacity status and continue to
grow without worrying about how to support economic and population growth. We are committed to
the success of both the residents and businesses in the area.”

Fiber optic broadband provides symmetrical speeds with equal upstream and downstream
bandwidth. With increasing demand for fast and reliable internet access, Vexus is prepared to meet
the needs of households for streaming, security, and work now and into the future. Unlike
competitors, Vexus offers unlimited data usage without fees or fear of being capped and enhances
reliability with underground lines that ensure uninterrupted access in all weather conditions.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring this fiber optic technology to Slidell, making it one of the cities
with the fastest internet in the country,” said Hunter McAllister, Director of Operations at Vexus Fiber.
“Our network will give customers the ability to run multiple devices without experiencing any lag or
buffering, upload and download files in seconds, and have a strong connection no matter where they
are in and around their home. Unlike our other Northshore competitors, Vexus’ plant is underground
and designed to remain up during and after severe weather. This technology is truly built to bring us
into the future, and we are committed to eliminating the digital inequity seen in most communities.”

Vexus Fiber currently operates fiber-to-the-home networks in several markets, including Lubbock,
Amarillo, Wichita Falls, Abilene, and surrounding areas in Texas, as well as Hammond, Covington,
and Mandeville in Louisiana. The company is building new networks in the Rio Grande Valley, Tyler,
Nacogdoches, Huntsville, Laredo, and San Angelo, Texas. They are also expanding in Lake
Charles, Alexandria, and Pineville, Louisiana as well as Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

As construction continues throughout the community, residents in construction areas will receive
advance notice via email and mail about construction activity in their neighborhood. Vexus provides
additional messaging, such as yard signs and postcards, to notify residents of when construction is
beginning in their neighborhood. Vexus crews are marked by ID tags and branded vehicles.
Residents and businesses that are interested in Vexus Fiber services can visit to receive updates on construction. Those interested in joining the Vexus
Fiber team can visit

About Vexus
Vexus is a leading provider of fiber-based communications solutions for both residential and business customers across Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana. As a technology leader in the industry, Vexus Fiber offers an extensive range of internet connectivity over a true fiber-to-the-premise network. Services also include a robust HD Video platform, Voice, TeleCloud services, and more. For more information, please visit

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