Lightning-fast broadband speeds coming to Santa Fe

SANTA FE, N.M. – Vexus Fiber™, a leading fiber service provider, is announcing that it has applied for a Franchise License Agreement to bring its 100% fiber-to-the-premise network to the City of Santa Fe, providing residents and businesses with multi-gigabit symmetrical speed internet service and more. 

“If approved through the Governing Body Committee and hearing process, we will be building a brand new broadband network of 100% fiber-to-the-premise with lightning fast speeds to accommodate the needs of Santa Fe,” said Jim Gleason, CEO of Vexus Fiber. 

Gleason and the City of Santa Fe jointly announced today that Vexus has submitted its application to the City and will immediately start the review and approval process for a telecommunications franchise agreement to begin construction of the network, which if approved, should take approximately 90 days, according to City officials.   

The 100% fiber-to-the-premise network will be a 10 gigabit network, to accommodate future growth, with packages that begin at up to one and two gigabits initially to homes and businesses, which in many cases is ten times what consumers have available now. 

“Santa Fe is a dynamic place for forward-thinking institutions,” said Mayor Alan Webber, who met with representatives of Vexus Fiber. “One key piece to our future is reliable, fast broadband. This network should play a significant part in forging the path to the future, to providing cutting-edge technology that will add to our quality of life, promote entrepreneurship, and foster economic diversification.” 

 “We’d like to thank the City of Santa Fe for its cooperation and assistance in allowing us to apply to enter this market to make this development a reality,” said CEO Gleason. 

If approved by the Governing Body, Vexus hopes to begin construction by April 2022 and connect nearly all homes and businesses to its 100% fiber network. Completion of the network to the region is estimated to take about 24-36 months. Vexus plans to serve the entire City of Sante Fe market with its network.  Total investment in the region estimated to be around $35 million. Employment will include close to 50 construction jobs and 35-40 permanent jobs in Santa Fe. 

“With a success vote of City Council approval, multi-gigabit speeds will soon be available in the Santa Fe area, bringing lighting-fast speeds and reliable service with it. Our network focuses on technology that is built to grow with the times, making it a great option for both families and businesses,” said Gleason. “With so many devices now being connected to the internet, customers need reliable and fast internet more than ever. Whether you are streaming a movie, using a smart device, working remotely, or gaming, Vexus’ internet would be able to keep up with it all.” 

This investment starts with infrastructure but is really an investment in the community. This new network will increase employment opportunities, make the area more attractive to other businesses, and help with property values. Overall, this expansion could also increase opportunities throughout the community in areas like education, agriculture and healthcare. 

“The opportunity to bring our services to the City of Santa Fe will also help with economic and business development,” adds Gleason. “Vexus is very excited to bring 100% fiber internet infrastructure to the region.  The expansion of our footprint into New Mexico is a true innovation for the region and will impact the economy in a positive way for decades to come.” 

“We are excited to receive the Franchise License Agreement application from Vexus Fiber. This provides a new opportunity to bring high speed broadband across the entire City, which is critical to increased residential needs, attracting the right businesses and accommodating the companies here that have pivoted to e-commerce and new growth plans,” said Rich Brown, the City’s Director of Community and Economic Development. 

Vexus Fiber currently operates fiber-to-the-home networks in 35 cities across Texas and Southeastern Louisiana. The company is also building new networks in the Rio Grande Valley, Tyler and San Angelo, Texas and Lake Charles, LA.

Residents and businesses that are interested in what Vexus Fiber may be able to offer can visit to express interest and receive updates once the Franchise Agreement review process is under way with the City’s Committees, Commissions and Governing Body. If approved, residents would receive communication via email and mail about activity in their neighborhood 30 days prior to any potential construction. 

Additionally, if approved, Vexus plans to hire local management, sales, technical, and customer service professionals to support the area. For those interested in joining the Vexus Fiber team, visit  

About Vexus

Vexus is a leading provider of fiber-based communications solutions for both residential and business customers across Texas and Louisiana. As a technology leader in the industry, Vexus Fiber offers an extensive range of internet connectivity over a true fiber-to-the-premises network. Services also include a robust HD Video platform, voice, TeleCloud services, and more. For more information, please visit