Vexus Fiber, a leading fiber service provider in Texas and Louisiana, announced it is expanding its 100% fiber-to-the-home network in Lubbock. Vexus will fully fund the network, providing additional residents and businesses with symmetrical multi-gigabit speed internet service.  

“It’s exciting for us to be a part of Vexus’ continued growth in Texas, especially here in Lubbock. We remodeled and moved to our new location on the West Loop just over a year ago and employ 225 residents in the Lubbock area. We’re pleased to announce that we are expanding our call center and will be hiring an additional 65-70 people over the next six months to better serve our growing customer base,” said Brad Woolam, Director of Customer Care.

We recently expanded our service to the Lakeridge subdivision and continue to build in west and south Lubbock.  We’ve also entered into a joint trench agreement for growth in new and future subdivisions throughout Lubbock.” Said Tim Archer, VP of Operations for Texas and Louisiana. “We just completed building the town of Shallowater and plan to build our 100% fiber optic network out to an additional 10,000 homes and businesses by the end of the year.  In 2022, we plan to build our network to an additional 20,000 homes and businesses.”

“Fiber-optic high-speed internet is a critical component of a city’s infrastructure development,” said John Osborne, President and CEO of LEDA. “We are pleased to have an ongoing partnership with Vexus to expand these services to Lubbock citizens and our businesses. As a significant employer for our citizens, they not only see the benefit in bringing our region vital telecommunications services, but also in being a good community partner.”

“With Vexus, residents know they are getting the best services at a competitive price. They also know they will always receive local customer support when and if it’s needed,” said Jim Gleason, CEO of Vexus. “Lubbock is our corporate headquarters and we’re proud to not only expand our service footprint here, but continue to add jobs.”  

This expansion is financed through existing Vexus Fiber investors, Pamlico Capital and Oak Hill Capital, who have agreed to invest additional equity as part of their ongoing commitment to Vexus’ growth and the communities they serve.  

Vexus Fiber currently operates fiber-to-the-home networks in Lubbock, Amarillo, Wichita Falls, Abilene and surrounding areas in Texas, as well as Hammond, Covington and Mandeville areas in Louisiana. The company is also building new networks in Tyler, the Rio Grande Valley and San Angelo, Texas in addition to Lake Charles, Sulphur and Westlake, Louisiana.  

Residents and businesses that are interested in Vexus Fiber services can visit to express interest and receive updates on construction. Typically, residents will receive communication via email and mail about activity in their neighborhood 30 days prior to construction. For those interested in joining the Vexus Fiber team visit   


About Vexus Fiber
Vexus Fiber is a leading provider of fiber-based communications solutions for both residential and business customers across Texas and Louisiana. As a technology leader in the industry, Vexus Fiber offers an extensive range of Internet connectivity over a true fiber-to-the-premise network. Services also include a robust HD Video platform, Voice, TeleCloud services and more. For more information, please visit  

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