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Vexus Service Installation Information

What is included with Vexus Service Installation?

Vexus Service Installation includes the following:

  • Basic Installation includes connection to up to five (5) streaming devices and one (1) computer or wireless router
  • Setup of Boost Managed Wifi and your Home Network
  • Setup of your Vexus TV Service
What should I expect at my Vexus Service Installation appointment?

A technician will call you on the day of your scheduled installation prior to arriving at your home. Please make sure that you have provided Vexus with a good phone number so you can be reached.

Someone 18 years or older must be present at the time of installation. Otherwise your appointment will be rescheduled for a later time, which will result in a delay in getting your service set up.

During the Installation Process, the technician will:

  • Confirm all wiring and connections are working outside your home (new wiring may be required)
  • Run inside wiring to the ONT inside the home
  • Setup your Wireless Router (if rented from Vexus)
  • Setup your Username and Email (if requested)
  • Confirm your Internet connection is working and subscribed to speed is achieved
  • Install up to five (5) streaming devices and one (1) computer or wireless router. If more than one jack is needed there will be an additional charge.
How long will installation take?

The total time for the technician to complete your install will vary. Please note that the times below are averages and are only intended as an estimate on the amount of time needed. Depending on the level of work required it could take more or less time.

  • If a drop is required, that will be your first scheduled installation date to bring the fiber connection to the exterior of your home. This will typically take 2 hours and you will not need to be home for this. However, if you have a fenced yard, you will need to make sure the yard is unlocked and pets are locked inside as the technician will need to enter your back yard.
  • If a drop is not required, or has already been completed, the next installation that will be scheduled will take place within your home. You will be required to be present for this installation.
    • For Internet and/or Phone installations, this will usually take two hours.
    • For Internet & Video installations, this will usually take four hours.
What can I do to prepare for my Vexus Installation appointment?

There are a couple of things you can do to prepare for your installation appointment:

  • To avoid delays, please ensure that someone 18 years or older is able to be present at the time of installation.
  • Make sure that Vexus has a good contact phone number so you can be reached the day of installation.
  • Identify where you would like the equipment to be installed in your home. A central location nearest to where you will be using the internet the most is best.
  • Ensure access is available to the outside of your property (gates are unlocked, crawl space is accessible) and pets are in a secure place.
  • If you have signed up for Vexus TV service, make sure you have an active Google account (example: gmail). You will need that to activate the Vexus TV HD streaming box.
  • Allow for access to the attic and crawl space if necessary.
  • Allow for access behind television equipment if necessary.
What if I need to change my appointment date?

If you need to reschedule your installation appointment, please call Vexus at 800-658-2150.