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NTS Communications, a telecommunications provider serving over twenty thousand residential and business customers in parts of West Texas and Southeastern Louisiana, was recently acquired and is now Vexus.

Vexus is more than just a new name. It’s a different kind of company. Vexus is inviting all of their current and future customers to Discover Different. The new leadership at Vexus will focus on investing in communities that have been traditionally underserved by carriers to provide better choices and services to homes and businesses in those areas.

“There are three pillars that form the foundation of everything we do to provide services and support to the communities we serve,” said Jim Gleason, CEO of Vexus. “We pride ourselves on being community builders. We are nimble and responsive. And we are life enhancing. When your life is easier and more enjoyable, we’re doing our job.”

“We are continuing to build the latest generation fiber optic network,” stated Hunter McAllister, director of operations Louisiana, “which provides high-capacity internet services to our current customers as well as to the new homes and businesses that we will be expanding our network to this year.”

This network expansion includes running new fiber service to more than 10,000 homes in Louisiana before the end of 2020. Fiber internet service is more reliable because it has a higher data capacity and bandwidth, is less susceptible to outside interference, and has a much lower latency than a traditional copper connection. This combination provides much faster upload and download speeds, which result in a much better online experience.

“In addition to fiber internet, our new entertainment options and integrated home automation services promise to make life easier, more enjoyable and smarter than ever before,” added McAllister.

Not only will the Vexus portfolio provide top-notch services for residential customers, business customers can expect to see improvements and new product offerings as well. The Vexus fiber network delivers the internet download and upload speeds that business applications demand.

Additionally, Vexus is rolling out their new TeleCloud service, which is a mobile communications platform that adapts to the needs of growing businesses. TeleCloud is a great solution for telecommuters and home businesses. The roll out will also include their IntelliCloud service, which is an automated office management system that allows users to control everything from lighting to thermostats and security systems.

“Business customers are very important to us, which is why we’ll focus on providing the services they need in each of their respective and growing industries,” said Brett Ritter, VP of commercial services. “All of our business products and services are designed to help improve efficiency, security and profitability.”

The difference doesn’t stop with Vexus products. It extends to their people. Everyone at Vexus is 100% invested in delivering world-class experiences to their current and new subscribers. As part of that effort, service calls are handled by real people, a team of local dedicated Vexus service representatives.

Vexus will also be reopening the Hammond storefront location and provide everyone the opportunity to talk to someone face to face, pay their statement in person or make adjustments to their services.

“Our goal is to be a company that our customers and communities can trust and enjoy doing business with.” added Jim Gleason. “We promise to continue bringing the best products and services to every community we serve. And we truly strive to deliver on our word when we say it’s time to discover a different type of service provider.”

Over the coming months, Vexus will be hiring several construction and sales positions across Texas and Louisiana. They will also be launching a new website and online customer portal where customers can view their account, pay their statement, and even sign up for new services.

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About Vexus
Vexus is a leading provider of fiber-based communications solutions for both residential and business customers across Texas and Louisiana. A technology leader in the industry offering an extensive range of internet connectivity over a true fiber to the premise network. Services also include a robust HD Video platform, Voice, TeleCloud services and more. For more information, please visit Vexus is a part of Vast Broadband, headquartered in Sikeston, MO, a leading telecommunications company providing high-speed Internet, television, and digital telephone services for residential and business customers in South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota.