$10 million 100% Fiber Optic Network to Begin Construction Early Next Year

Lubbock, TX – Vexus Fiber, a leading provider of high-speed fiber optic internet and part of the nation’s largest independently owned 100 percent fiber optic network provider, is proud to announce plans to build a fiber-to-the-home network in Borger. The network will be privately funded by Vexus, introducing almost 10,000 residences and businesses to symmetrical multi-gigabit speed fiber internet service.

“We are excited to continue our network expansion in Texas with our new 100% fiber optic network plans in Borger,” said Bill Flowers, Vice President of West Texas. “Vexus’ fiber network will provide homes and businesses with a new, competitive choice for internet. This expansion brings reliable internet to families and businesses in the area, allowing them access to our future-proof fiber technology.”

Vexus Fiber plans to begin construction early next year, with availability to some neighborhoods and businesses by summer. Full completion of the entire network throughout Borger will take approximately 12 months.

“Vexus understands customers need internet that can keep up with their everyday lives. This new 100% fiber-optic network can increase employment opportunities, make the area more attractive to businesses and increase overall property values,” added Brian Borthwick, Director of Operations for Amarillo and Lubbock. “From work to play, Vexus is there to back Borger businesses and homes.”

Improving connectivity and increasing access to reliable, high-speed internet are vital to every community across the nation. Vexus continues to invest in communities across Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana to ensure every community has access to a stable network suitable for digital advancement for decades to come.

Fiber internet is more reliable because it has a higher data capacity and bandwidth, is less susceptible to outside interference and has a much lower latency than a traditional copper connection. Vexus Fiber service will deliver multi-gig internet speeds to residential customers. Business customers will have access to data connections scalable up to multi-gig speeds with TeleCloud hosted communication solutions which bring together phone, chat and video conferencing services in one.

Vexus is powered by a 10-gig network with symmetrical speeds which means customers receive equal upload and download speeds. This means ultra-fast streaming, gaming, seamless remote work and learning experiences for residential customers. Businesses receive a significant edge in the market with capabilities to process and transmit data rapidly, meet customer demands efficiently and ensure seamless operations.

Vexus Fiber currently operates fiber-to-the-home networks in Lubbock, Amarillo, Wichita Falls, Abilene, Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Tyler, San Angelo, Nacogdoches and surrounding areas in Texas, as well as Hammond, Covington, Mandeville, Lake Charles and Alexandria in Louisiana. The company is also building new networks in Huntsville, Texas as well as Slidell, Louisiana and Albuquerque and Sante Fe, New Mexico. Vexus is headquartered in Lubbock, Texas.

For updates on construction and information about Vexus Fiber services, interested residents and businesses can visit vexusfiber.com/connect. Typically, residents will receive communication via mail about activity in their neighborhood 30 days prior to construction. Customers who sign up will also receive notices via email. Those interested in joining the Vexus Fiber team can visit vexusfiber.com/careers.



Vexus Fiber is a leading provider of high-speed fiber-optic internet and part of the nation’s largest independently owned 100 percent fiber optic company. They offer advanced telecommunications services for residents and business customers across Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana. As a technology leader, Vexus Fiber offers an extensive range of internet connectivity over a true fiber-to-the-premises network. Services include HD Video, Voice, TeleCloud Business Services and more. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, Vexus Fiber is revolutionizing the way people connect and communicate. For more information, please visit VexusFiber.com.