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Get exceptional home internet and business internet in Lake Charles, LA. As the demand for a fast and dependable internet connection continues to grow, Vexus Fiber takes pride in offering our residents and businesses in Lake Charles, LA access to our reliable 100% fiber internet network. Discover the power of Vexus Fiber and stay connected with our top-notch internet services.

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‍The map represents our planned construction areas. Additional planned construction areas will be added on an ongoing basis as our plans develop. If you have any questions, please call 800-658-2150.


Residents will see crews while we construct our 100% fiber-optic network. Rest assured, the construction phase is temporary. We’ll do our best to minimize any impact to your property as we work within the utility easement areas.

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Vexus Fiber presents Home Internet in Lake Charles, LA, delivering an unmatched internet experience for your household. Elevate your connection today and unlock a world of seamless streaming, exhilarating gaming, and effortless web browsing. Switch to Vexus Fiber as your home internet provider and encounter a whole new level of internet performance.

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Vexus Fiber proudly presents its exceptional business internet services in Lake Charles, LA. Catering to businesses of all sizes, we specialize in delivering high-speed internet solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Discover our voice/phone service and experience the unparalleled difference of Vexus Fiber, your trusted partner for top-notch business internet solutions in Lake Charles, LA.

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2912 Ryan St Suite 10, Lake Charles, LA 70601

(337) 214-0386

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