Become a Gigabit Certified City

Vexus is hard at work building Gigabit communities across Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico. Learn more and ensure your community is a Gigabit Certified.

Meet Vexus Fiber

Leading Provider of High-Speed Fiber-Optic Internet

Vexus Fiber is part of the nation’s largest independently owned 100% fiber-optic network provider. We are committed to providing fiber internet service to communities across our footprint. Residents receive multi-gig symmetrical speed internet while businesses enjoy multi-gig scalable speeds to suit their needs..

Service Area Map

Vexus Markets

Our 100% fiber network is available to almost 50 communities across Texas, Louisiana and New Mexico. See our map for available markets as well as future expansion areas.

What Can Gigabit City Certification Do For Your Community?

Drive Economic Development

Studies show that cities with gigabit internet speeds drive higher economic output. Access to high-speed fiber internet creates security for businesses and residents to grow for decades to come.

Improve Quality of Life

People’s lives revolve around digital media and connected devices. Communities that can meet and exceed those needs ensure long-term residents and provide an attractive community for relocation.

Competitive Community

Becoming a Gigabit City ensures you have an advantage over neighboring towns to attract businesses and residents with high-speed fiber-optic internet infrastructure. Your community can be faster than many large cities


Gigabit City Certification

The process is simple. We’ll reach out to you once your community has achieved this milestone. We provide all press and setup an event at the location of your choosing, typically a City Council meeting, to honor the milestone.

Your community will receive an official certificate and trophy along with press around the Gigabit City certification. Additionally, Vexus will work with you to provide ongoing efforts such as pole banners, HotSpots and more. Your city will also receive logos, social media, blog content and official content and information you can use for economic development presentations or brochures to help attract and win businesses and residents to your community.

Home Fiber Internet

Interested in Bringing Vexus Fiber to Your Town?

If you are interested in Vexus building our 100% fiber-optic network in your community. Please reach out! We are always growing and would love to connect with you and your city.

Home Fiber Internet

Why Choose Vexus?

Made for Internet

While cable was built for video, it wasn’t designed to keep up with today’s need for speed and bandwidth. Fiber was made for high-speed internet, and it’s why our network is 100% fiber.

10 Gig Network

Vexus operates on a 10 Gig Network. This means your home has the digital performance that is often reserved for data centers or large cities. It means unparalleled reliability and speed creating a network ready for today and prepared for tomorrow.

US-based Service & Support

When it comes to high-speed internet, you shouldn’t have to rely on help from the other side of the world. With employees and offices in every town we serve, we provide local service and support while also creating jobs in each of our communities.