More speed.

More savings.

With $100 e-gift card*

More Speed. More Savings.

With $100 e-gift card*


Make the Switch to the Winning Team – With Bryce!

With Speeds Up To 5 Gig + $100 E-Gift Card

When the competition can’t keep up, that’s when Vexus Fiber steps up. That’s why we just took the internet game to the next level with 2 and 5 Gig speeds. And right now, you can get a $100 gift card when you sign up for 1 Gig or higher internet plans online.


MultiGig Internet

Coach V knows speed when he sees it! And Vexus’ 2 and 5 Gig speeds are like having the Flash as your home internet. These speeds are perfect for families using multiple devices at the same time or extreme internet users like your friendly gamer and content creator down the street. Multigig speeds are the future and are available to you now!

Home Fiber Internet

Premium Total Home WiFi

The MVP of the WiFi game and exclusively available for 2 and 5 Gig customers. Supports wired speeds up to 9.4 Gbps and wireless speeds up to 4.3 Gbps. Picture this: you’re in your cozy home, ready to binge-watch your favorite shows and engage in some good ol’ virtual battles. But hold the phone, what’s this? Buffering circles? Not with Premium Total Home WiFi powered by eero. It’s a whole new level of fast and one of the only products able to support multigig speeds.

Home Fiber Internet

Why Choose Vexus?

Made for Internet

While cable was built for video, it wasn’t designed to keep up with today’s need for speed and bandwidth. Fiber was made for high-speed internet, and it’s why our network is 100% fiber.

Symmetrical Speeds

You may have heard this term, but what does it mean? It means upload speeds as fast as download speeds. And how does this help you? Quick upload speeds eliminate buffering whether you’re gaming, sending documents for work or school, videos to share with others and so much more.

Texas-based Service & Support

When it comes to high-speed internet, you shouldn’t have to rely on help from the other side of the world. With employees and offices in every town we serve, we provide local service and support while also creating jobs in each of our communities.

*Limited Time Offer. Services are not available in all areas and are subject to availability. Offer only applies to new residential customers in good standing and is subject to change. Gift Card offer requires purchase of 1 Gb or higher speed. To redeem gift card offer, customer must pay for 3 full months of qualified service(s). After 3 full months of payments, a link will be emailed to the account holder to claim the gift card. At that time, your gift card may be claimed via email, which may take up to 4 weeks after request submission. A valid, working email address is required. If qualified services are canceled or downgraded before the 12th month, the gift card amount will be billed to the customer account. One gift card offer per household. Vexus Fiber internet services requires a $10 Monthly Network Access fee on 1 Gig or lower speeds. Monthly offer rates are subject to applicable surcharges, fees and taxes. Installation, taxes, fees, equipment and additional services or features are not included. Total Home WiFi can be added to Vexus Fiber internet for $10 per month for 1 Gig or lower speeds and $15 per month for 2 Gig or higher speeds. Advertised internet speed is based on a wired connection and is not guaranteed. For more information visit Subject to credit check and may require prepayment. Not valid with any other offer and may not be transferred or redeemed for cash. Other restrictions may apply. ©2024 Vexus Fiber. All rights reserved.